The same airplane seat is sold at different prices for various reasons and these are the top 5 travel tips and hacks to help you and many other travelers to get cheap flights. Traveling can easily lose your hard earned money unnecessarily and these are the questions we asked ourselves before we make any purchase:

  • How to not lose money
  • How to avoid spending your cash
  • How to save money on each purchase
Hiking around the mountain trails at Hong Kong
Hiking around the mountain trails at Hong Kong

Travel Hack & Tip #1 Be Flexible

Being flexibility allows you to get to your travel destination within the budget you set. Be flexible in the dates and time you fly; destinations you travel; and the airports you land. With these 3 combinations, you can experience and search for the best deals you can get.

Tip #2 Comparison Websites

With tip #1, you can find the cheapest flights via various airline comparison websites. And if you have the time, you can go to any local travel agent physically and ask them to match or lower the price you found online.

Top view of the BOH plantation at Cameron highlands
Top view of the BOH Plantation at Cameron Highlands

Tip #3 Weekly Sales from Budget AirlHighlands

y airplane seats is being sold at different prices and sometimes you might be paying 20-50% more for the same seat and meal. Budget Airlines such as FlyScoot (every Tuesday, 7am-9am) & Tiger Airways (every Thursday, 24 hours) have weekly sales for one-way tickets and being flexible in your destination allows you to pick the best options within your budget. This definitely saves us a lot of money.

Tip #4 Book your tickets in parts

(Add-on from Tip #4) Having a stopover in between your flights can sometimes be cheaper than one-way direct flight. We often do these experiments and weight the costs and benefits for having the stopover.

Aerial view at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands
Aerial view at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

Tip #5 Delete your cookies

This is one of the most important travel hacks that you might not know. For some websites, cookies are being used to set prices if necessary due to the information they have about you. The cookies track your visit and click history and in some cases, the price will be higher than usual. So, it is best to always clear your cookies or go to incognito mode for your browser before making the decision to buy the air tickets.

With these tips, I hope this can help all travelers.

Best sunrise ever in Telunas
Best sunrise ever in Telunas

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Thank you, Traveler. Travel Safe & Smart.