Recently, we bought a MEVO Live camera as it will be great to have an HD Live recording instead of using our mobile phone (as we can use our mobile phone during LIVE recording eg Fireworks actually we also want to do Instagram stories while LIVE 😛 super kiasu people here).

Mevo Camera Unboxing & Review
Mevo Camera Unboxing & Review
Mevo Camera Box (Instructions)
Mevo Camera Box (Instructions)

What is in the box

  • Mount
  • AC adapter
  • USB cable
  • Sandisk 16GB microSD card & adapter

The Good

Size / Physical

  • Small (It is smaller than a palm size, which means easy to carry around)
  • Wide angle (150° all glass lens)
  • High definition (HD) with 4K sensor
  • Can be mount to any tripod.
  • You don’t have to stand next to your MEVO to control it. Especially good when there are many tripods. Many people were impressed by what we were doing and were asking what camera is it.
  • Built­-in stereo microphones
  • Charge with micro USB cable. And if you have a portable battery it works too! (Tested when doing LIVE)

Connecting to your device

It is easy to connect but might not be intuitive at the start as you need to go to the settings page to do a wifi connection and come back to the app. But their in-app instruction is very clear so it is easy to follow.

We are using iPad which does not have sim card slot and internet is only available if we connect it via WIFI. As Mevo is connected with your device via wifi, we lost the internet connection once it is connected to Mevo. In other words, if you want to do LIVE  video, you need to connect to a device with mobile internet. This is kind of annoying to us as we have limited mobile data. So even if you are at home, you are forced to use your mobile data.


You are able to control the zoom via your mobile phone or tablet. It is easy to pick up the control. At the start, our LIVE video just zooms in suddenly. Later we learn that we have to use the gesture pinch to make the LIVE video zooming transition looks smooth.

As it acts as a remote control, you are able to do it from a distance away. You can stand away from the crowd but still able to have a 4K video recording and LIVE control. We tried it out during a crowded event where all the photographer crowd in the front row to take photos/video of the event but we just left the MEVO on a tripod in-between 2 photographers. Everyone around it was impressed by this small camera where we can control it without getting into the crowd.

Video quality

Even though, it is 4K video, when we zoom in the quality of the video wasn’t as great.

Follow-me mode

We tried the follow-me feature at home and is impressed by it. However, we didn’t manage to use it during our outdoor event.

What can be improved?

  • Once you connected to Mevo wifi, you cannot connect to your mobile Wifi. In other words, it heavily depends on your mobile network.
  • Although is it small, they don’t provide any bag or pouch to carry it around.
Mevo Live Camera
Mevo Camera

Final thoughts / Bottom Line

It will be useful for following mode eg when you are doing cooking where you need the camera to follow you.

If there isn’t a need, I wouldn’t recommend you to get it. The technology still needs improvement. And the connectivity for Live stream had yet to reach our expectation.

Please take note that this is not a sponsored post. We are not paid to promote this product and all the opinions are based on the experience after a few days of using it.