Hello world (the Internet), we are a Singaporean couple who enjoy the traveling experience as much as everyone else does. As much as we love traveling, we still hold our current jobs working as a geek in different organizations. We spent most of our weekend time researching our next travel destinations and taking notes on the go as we are traveling around the world.

Travel With Little Girl in Singapore
Walking along the coast in Singapore

Like many other travelers, we travel to learn to open our heart, mind, and eyes to what is made in this world & understand it deeper. TravelWithLittleGirl.com is a travel blog that mainly comprises of our many traveling experiences, learnings, and journeys. We hope that this website is able to share our learnings and inspire the others. Travel smart!

Travel With Little Girl at Dragon Back Trail, Hong Kong
The mountain and us – Hong Kong

We travel once in a year at least and here’s a little secret – you do not need to wait until you have a ton of money. We spent very little on flights and accommodations as we believe that the best travel experience is to explore outside and enrich your life with unique local encounters.

Travel With Little Girl at Dragon Back Trail, Hong Kong
Conquering the mountains at Hong Kong
Travel With Little Girl at Telunas
Our view at the resort balcony – Telunas

Yes. The goal of this Travel Blog is getting out there with the right information, spending wisely on things that matter and destinations & attractions you must go. The best time to travel is NOW, especially when you are still young.

Walking along the street
Walking along the street

If there is any topics or destinations that you hope to see or interested in, please contact us via [email protected] and your suggestions might be one of our next destinations. If you have similar inspirations like us, write in too – your contributions are welcomed.

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Ok now. Travelers, let’s go!