It’s that time of the year again and once again, we are wearing our best reds and whites to celebrate Singapore’s birthday. It serves as a timeless reminder of how far Singapore has come as a nation since 1965, together as one. On 9 August, even if you did not get parade tickets, you can tune in to any of the television MediaCorp channels from 5pm to catch all the parade actions.

Inspired by the everyday lives of Singaporeans living together in harmony, 2017’s song, titled Because It’s Singapore!, is a rousing ballad composed by veteran Lee Wei Song. Local musician Jay Lim wrote the lyrics and lent his voice to the first public performance of the song on Wednesday (May 17). One line in the song that touches him the most is the chorus that goes “Nothing in this world compares to our Singaporean Life”, said Lim at a media conference to release the song.

I made a small video with this song and everybody seems to like it (6.3k likes, 169K views, 6k shares on Facebook).

Celebrate what it means to be a Singaporean and if you’re not, come celebrate with us and all the reasons that you love the Little Red Dot this 9 August.