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The travel blog of the Little Girl features tips and advice on how you can travel smarter, cheaper, and better time spent so you can explore the world on a budget. We caught the travel bugs as we began traveling together on a budget to nearby islands. Join and follow us on our Social Media as we travel to more beautiful destinations.

Why Do We Travel

What began as short getaways to spend time together, quickly turned to be a travel & photography obsessions. We slowly started this travel blog, Travel With Little Girl, together to cover our travel experience around the world and share our travel tips. If you enjoy the contents we got for you, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook Page as we bring you along with these!

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Places to go

Things to do in Cameron Highlands

Walking past many farms and shops, the bus drove on the winding road along the mountain blanketed in greenery Cameron Highlands. From tea plantations to strawberry farms, this is truly a…

Places to go

Hong Kong Disneyland

The Happiest Place on Earth Hong Kong Disneyland is truly one of the amazing and magical experiences Little Girl and I had in Hong Kong and I miss being a child…


Traveling with DJI Phantom 4

I’m Bryan, a travel and landscape geek who loves photography from Singapore. I recently got myself into the aerial photography and have been bringing around the DJI Phantom 4 with…

Useful Travel Tips & Hacks

Travel can be very affordable when you use alternative methods of air ticket bookings, overnight accommodations, and great meals. You just need to be detailed, flexible and easygoing for your choices, that’s all. Check out our posts at Tips & Hacks!

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